I managed to loose a lot of files from my hard-drive on my last trip to Oslo. It was a sad story and I lost so much work from my last weddings. Luckily every costumer had their photos so I was the only one who got hurt. And now a lot of the couples will send me their files. Lesson learned!

I managed to find back some of the photos I took of Emma. Such a sweet girl right!?

Adele G Photography

SKAGEN 03/2018

Last wednesday I went to Skagen, Denmark With my friend Lisa. We had so much fun running around at the beach surrounded by beautiful nature in every direction. My dream is to work as a wedding-photographer in locations like that! Wow, absoulutely amazing.

Adele G Photography


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Two weeks ago I had a lovely coffee-date with this amazing woman. We used to hang out a lot as little kids so we had so many great memories to look back at and laugh about! She is such a wonderful and inspiring woman!

Adele G Photography

THAILAND 02/2018

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I recently came back from Thailand. I was there for 25days. 10 days with my little brother Daniel and 15 days all by myself. Now there is nothing else I want to do or no place I’d rather be than Thailand. First we went to Hua Hin for 5 nights, then Koh Tao for 5 nights, then I travelled alone to Koh Lanta for 4 nights and then I went back to Koh Tao for the rest of my vacation. I definitely had the time of my life. Met so many amazing people and places and really got addicted to scubadiving. This trip really changed my mindset on a lot of things. It made me realize that life is to short not to make the best out of it. We need to stop, take better care of ourselves, live a life based on our own dreams and choices, take care of our surroundings, of the ocean, nature and keep ourselves in balance. Hopefully I’ll be back in November 2018!

Adele G Photography


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Last friday 02/03 I went to Lindesnes with my friend Lisa. It was so great in every way. Roadtrip for 2 hours with deep conversations about life, one camera each to capture the beauty of nature and the some of the best locations in the south of Norway. It was so cold by Lindesnes lighthouse that we almost couldn’t move our fingers after taking all those photos. I love to go out with my camera and capture beautiful moments like this!