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Adele Grosås, 1994, Kristiansand – Norway

Mail: Adele_g7@msn.com

Facebook: Adele G Photography

Instagram: @Adelegphotography / @adelegro

“When I was younger I used to read all these blogs made by photographers. I just couldn’t understand how they did it. Their photos were amazing! The colors, contrasts, it was like the image was telling you a story. I was so inspired by all these photographers. There are so many talented photographers, how did they get the opportunity to work as one?

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I have always had an eye for creativity and Photography. I bought my first camera when I was 13 years old. It was not a good camera, but it made me fall in love with photography. I used to be the annoying friend who always brought my camera and asked my friends to “strike a pose”. Some years later I got another camera for new beginners plus a 50mm lens. This was when I really began to understand my equipment. I learned a lot from another photographer and YouTube of course! The 50mm lens made it easier to take better photos of people. Everyone should have this lens!

PN5A6287 copy.jpg

I bought my first professional camera when I was 19 years old (Canon 5D Mark II).  A friend of mine had the same camera so he taught me a lot! I went out with my friends to take pictures of them all the time. We had so much fun. I made myself a facebook photography-page and of course I kept reading blogs made by great photographers. Some of them were freelancers and some were educated photographers. I also got a job as a photographer for a clothing-shop.

PN5A6296 copy.jpg

I was asked to be a wedding-photographer in May 2015. I was so nervous and scared, but somehow the couple made me feel secure and safe about the job. I nailed it! I really loved everything about wedding-photography. After that wedding I have had so many requests for wedding and family Photography. The same year I attended in three more weddings and I had some family photography sessions. I always shared the photos on my facebook-page to show people my work.

PN5A6276 copy.jpg

Thanks to everyone who helped med on the way and made me believe in myself as a photographer! Thank you for supporting me and giving me feedback! Thank you for making it possible for me to work as a photographer!”

Adele G Photography



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